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Project: Coaching

Coaching Session 1

This week, you and your coachee will get acquainted, establish parameters, set boundaries, and begin creating a positive coaching rapport. As with any relationship, it is important to allow ample time for each party to feel comfortable with the other. Humor can be a critical element, especially during the early stages of a coaching relationship. Some initial stumbling is to be expected. The effective use of humor can deflect these obstacles and allow you and your coachee to quickly get back on track. 

Coaching is centered completely on the coachee, and it is the coach’s responsibility to stay focused on the coachee’s needs, goals, objectives, and challenges. Coaches don’t provide objectives in a directive manner. Rather, as a coach, your role is to listen, ask probing and appropriate questions, and guide your coachee to individual solutions. Coachees determine their own objectives. Coaches help them clarify those objectives. 

Week 2 Assignment

For your first coaching session, you and your coachee need to prioritize two key objectives to work on over the next four weeks. You will want to work with your coachee to analyze why those objectives are important to him or her and evaluate the professional improvements that might occur when the objectives are achieved. Make sure to review the Week 1 instructions for the types of objectives that are appropriate (e.g., work-related concerns). 

You will be preparing a weekly coaching report following your sessions. Consider the coaching report to be “case notes” that you can review as needed during the entire coaching process. For example, you might have a question during the third session about something that was determined during the first session. Having a good set of case notes will help you remember what was discussed and the decisions that were made. Accordingly, you need to take the time to organize the case notes into a cohesive report. 

For this first coaching session, submit a coaching report that provides the following information:

  • Recap the coaching session (generally 1 to 2 pages)
    • Where did the session occur?
    • When did it occur?
    • Who was being coached?
    • Who was the coach?
    • Summarize the conversation. Who said what?
    • Any key details about the relationship or interaction that need to be recorded? (e.g., impressions, difficulties, opportunities, things that were missed, things to explore in the future, boundaries, parameters, etc.).
  • Prioritize two key objectives for the coaching process and analyze why those objectives are important to the coachee (generally ½ to 1 page).
  • Evaluate the personal and professional improvements the coachee hopes to make after the objectives are achieved (generally ½ to 1 page).
  • Clarify the action steps that you (as coach) need to complete prior to the next coaching session. For example, what information do you need to research? What resources do you need to locate? What follow ups do you need to complete? What skills do you need to refine? (generally ¼ to ½ page). 

Submission Details:

  • Submit your coaching report in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

course book references:

Zenger, J. H., & Stinnett, K. (2010). The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. ISBN: 9780071703406

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