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UDL & Differentiation
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be defined as “a set of principles for curriculum development that gives all individuals equal opportunities to learn” (CAST, 2012). 
Differentiation can be defined as meeting students at their current level of readiness and then planning instruction around individual needs. When combining these two theories, classroom instruction becomes engaging, dynamic, and inclusive. 
Using one of the following free online presentation tools listed below, create an interactive presentation that:

    1. Compares and contrasts the two concepts
    2. Explains how you envision blending the concepts in your current or future classroom.

I n your presentation be sure to include: 

·         How you will present new information

·         How students will demonstrate their prior background knowledge

·         Your strategies to engage and motivate students

·         At least two scholarly resources from Ashford’s Online Library or Google scholar relating to the theoretical foundation of UDL and/or differentiation.

·         All in-text citations included must be cited in APA format at the conclusion of your post.

Post your link along with a brief introduction in your initial post. 
Free Online Presentation Tools

·         Glogster

·         Pearltrees

·         Prezi

·         VoiceThread

·         Present.Me.


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