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MATH233 Unit 4 Individual Project

Dr. Claude Shannon (1916 – 2001), “the father of information theory,” observed that the maximum error-freecapacity in bits per second (bps) obtainable in a communication channel can be found by the Shannon-Hartley equation:

Above, , is the bandwidth of the channel in Hertz and  is the signal-to-noiseratio of the channel. Since  0 does not make sense in this situation, assume that the formulabelow is correct:

This is a “pure” number with no unit labels on it.The value of  is called Shannon’s Capacity Limitor channel capacity. This is the theoretical upper limit for the bits per second through the channel with a specific value and a specific given channel frequency, .

Be sure to show your work details for all calculations and explain in detail how the answers were determined for critical thinking questions. Round all value answers to three decimals.

1.      In the table below, based on the first letter of your lastname, choose a bandwidth for your communication channel.Write your maximum error-free channel capacity function.

( Note:The actual value of  will be your chosen value times 1,000,000 since the table values are in MegaHertz (MHz).)

First letter of your lastname

Possible values for  in MHz


100 199


200 299


300 399




2.      Calculate  the derivative of your channel capacity function with respect to  Interpret the meaning of it in terms of channel capacity.


3.      Generate a graph of this function using Excel or another graphing utility. (There are free downloadable programs like Graph 4.4.2or Mathematics 4.0; or, there are also online utilities such as this siteand many others.) Insert the graph into the Word document containing your answers and work details. Be sure to label and number the axes appropriately.


4.      For your function what is the instantaneous rate of change inmaximum error-free channel capacity with respect to SNR, for ?


5.      What is the equation of the tangent line to the graph of , when ?


6.      Research the Internet or Library to find a reasonable (signal and noise values should both be in watts) and bandwidth in Hertz for a CAT6 coaxial cable. Be sure to list creditable sources for your research. Based on your research, what would be the theoretical channel capacity for the CAT6 cable’s valuethat you found?


7.      At what value of  will

( Note:You cannot solve this equation algebraically using ordinary techniques. Youwill need to use an equation solver like Mathematics 4.0 and the fact that  or  by the Change-of-Base formula for logarithms. Or, you may solve this equation by graphing both  and  on the same graph to see where these graphs intersect. Alternatively, you may investigate the Lambert W-Function. These are some examples of how you can approximately solve equations when the solution cannot be found easily with usual algebraicmethods.)


Desmos. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.desmos.com/

Graph 4.4.2. (n.d.). Retrieved from the Graph Web site: http://www.padowan.dk/

Mathematics 4.0. (n.d.). Retrieved from the Microsoft Web site: http://microsoft-mathematics.en.uptodown.com/




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