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Visualizing Technology 5ed
Chapter 1: How To 2 - Ergonomics
Student Name
Course and Section
1 Open your browser and go to https://allaplusessays.com/order. 2
Click Good Working Positions and read the information on this page. What does neutral body
positioning mean and what are the four reference postures? 3
Click the Checklists arrow and click Evaluation. Complete the checklist to evaluate your
workspace. For each question that you answer no to, click the appropriate link to read the information
on how to correct the problem. How did your workstation fare? What are some areas for improvement?
How could you improve your score? When you have finished the checklist, click the link to Print Checklist. If you are using Safari or Chrome,
save the checklist as a PDF file. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, print to the Microsoft XPS Document
Writer. Save the file as lastname_firstname_ch01_howto2_checklist. Submit both the answer sheet and
checklist files as directed by your instructor. OSHA Ergonomic Solutions: Computer Workstation eTool – Evaluation Checklist
Print or submit your answer sheet electronically as directed by your instructor.


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