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The year is 100 C.E. It’s a relaxing Sunday afternoon ond you are munching on olives and

reading the newspaper. You come across a “Help Wanted” ad in the Classified section. Tours&Co is in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and articulate tour guide to teach tourists

about the city of Rome in ancient times.

The responsibility of a tour guide is to lead a group of tourists to various important sites

and share information about the culture and history of each site. In lieu of s formal inter view, Tours&Co. has requested that job candidates submit an original informational brochure about ancient Rome. The informational brochure, descriptions of various topics, would be given to tourists to prepare them and teach them

about Rome before their visit

The creator of the most informative ond interesting brochure will be hired as a tour guide for Tours&Co. You finish the rest of your olives and get right to work creating your


Follow these steps to create a winning brochure for Tours&Co

1. Include information on five of the following topics

Law & order


Family life

Food & drink




Country life

2 Research each chosen topic. In your notebook, write down at least six interesting facts

per topic. Be sure that your notes are in your own words

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