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Financial Mathematics and Business Statistics
This coursework tests your basic financial mathematics and statistical modelling skills
using spreadsheet software (Excel formulae financial maths graphical features Data
Analysis and Solver tools) as well as your awareness of the reality of how financial
products work. Your answers are to be presented in an essay/report format for which
you will use a word processor. In writing your report please:
? state and explain all assumptions on which your answers are based;
? clearly indicate your answer/recommendations;
? no evidence of use of excel will result in a fail mark for this element of the
coursework component of your mark;
? support any answers with the appropriate calculations to arrive at the answer;
? include selected screens of formulae underlying computed values. Failure to
demonstrate you have created appropriate formulations on excel will be severely
penalised. Despite the fact that you will be submitting the Excel file as well your
report is a stand-alone document meaning a reader should not be required to
look at the Excel file to understand your analysis findings and recommendations;
? please note that adequate usage of the excel calculations in the report is
important. This means that the key data/findings needs to be included in the
report and appropriate referencing needs to be done i.e. the relevant
cell/table/range in the relevant tab of the excel file mentioned at the point of the
report when it should be consulted.
The report will have a maximum of 10 pages (including any Appendixes; penalties will
be applied for longer submissions you are required to develop your judgement on what
is and isnt important). Ten percent of the total mark is allowed for quality of the
presentation and these marks are distributed among the questions.
Deadline: The coursework is to be submitted on Moodle no later than 8.00pm on
th August 2015. You will need to submit a Word document with the report (see
instructions above) and an Excel file with the calculations. If in doubt on how to
submit both files on Moodle please contact Dilip Parmar in the course office
allowing sufficient time for him to clarify any doubts you have in advance of the
submission deadline.
Also please note that late submissions will be penalised no matter how small and
irrespective of computer or internet crashes or any other last minute unexpected
problem so make sure you plan your submission allowing enough time to overcome
any last minute problems. This includes keeping up-to-date back-ups of your work!



The post Despite the fact that you will be submitting the Excel file as well your report is a stand-alone document meaning a reader should not be required to look at the Excel file to understand your analysis findings and recommendations appeared first on BEST NURSING TUTORS .


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