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           I have found an NGO (Non-government organization) organization called CARE organization, you should read the website which I will provide to you really carefully, and combine with the leadership approach to this paper. you should read the requirements carefully and really follow the requirements. I need the citation.





PAPER #2 (25%)



Preliminary Steps:

Research an NGO/NPO/INGO/International School, etc. Do as much research on the organization as you can until you decide that it is of either sufficient interest to you and/or is aligned with your future professional goals.


Respond to the following questions:

  • Introduction to paper (1/2 page): What organization/agency does your paper speak to? Why did you choose to pursue this agency/school? Provide the reader with what he/she needs to know to contextualize the remainder of your paper. Include your 1-2 best URLs/web links to which the reader can refer for additional information.
  • Based on your research, what is the agency’s/school’s predominant leadership approach? Think about the leadership frameworks and their characteristics from class notes and lectures…these should assist you in your explanation. For example, what leadership theory predominates? Based on your knowledge of leadership research, explain what evidence from your research justifies your judgment.
  • What challenges does the organization face? Explain why these challenges have arisen. Again, think about the leadership frameworks and their characteristics, such as:
    • Cultural issues
    • Funding issues
    • Strategic planning issues
    • Government perspectives
    • Donor perspectives
    • Trust-based relationships with government, donors, peer organizations, and communities
    • Organizational culture supportive of inquiry, reflection, and learning?
    • Leadership and senior management support?
    • Strategies, policies, and practices that encourage questioning, reflection, and evidence-based decision making?
    • Employees dedicated to organizational mission?
    • Job descriptions and performance plans that prioritize organizational objectives?
    • Investments in employees’ capacities?
    • Processes that engage partner organizations and communities?
    • Employees’ attitude and mindset, including willingness to question assumptions and seek evidence?
    • Other: basically…all course materials up to and including module 8).


Note: Because this paper is highly contextualized to a specific agency/organization/school, your paper will not be able to address all of these variables, so do not be concerned!


  • What would be the desiredresults/solutions in this setting that suggest an alternative leadership frame/theory/lens/course of action? Use your knowledge of the leadership research to indicate/justify your reasoning.
  • Provide a leadership frame/direction/approach/theory that has as its “roots” the kinds of leadership behaviors that are consistent with your desired results. Identify for the reader what that leadership frame is.
  • Explain to the reader why the leadership approach that you have chosen has a reasonable expectation of significant improvement and may lead to substantive achievement of the goals that you have identified and that will overcome the barriers you have identified.
  • Identify two possible anomalies/challenges that may arise with respect to your solutions. Then explain how a leader using the leadership theory/approach you have proposed might react to those setbacks. [For example, what does your leadership approach “do” when faced with setbacks/challenges? Or, might you abandon the approach in favor of yet another alternative?



Caveat: Make sure that your root cause and solutions are evidence-based

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