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Capstone Ethics Paper for Doctor of Human Services


This assignment should be a conceptual analysis of the ethical principles typically

related to all professional projects. Learners should demonstrate a general

understanding of the ethical issues that must be considered when planning and carrying

out professional projects. The paper should be rooted in the literature of the profession

and applied to the learner’s intended Capstone Project.

Length of Paper = 8 to 10 pages

Number of Sources = minimum of 10 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journals)

Format = APA, 12 point font, double-spaced,

I. Introduction

a. Provide a background of your Capstone Project

b. Need for the study

c. Research design

d. Introduce the contents of the paper

* 1 – 2 pages

II. Research Ethics

a. Define research ethics

b. Discuss the Principals (beneficence, respect, justice) of the Belmont Report


*2 – 3 pages

III. Ethical Considerations

a. Apply the following principles of ethics to your Capstone Project. Discuss

how you will protect your participants (organizations) and how will you

mitigate any risk to participants in the Capstone Project.

• Informed Consent

• Protection of privacy

• Confidentiality

• Anonymity of individuals and organization

• Transparency




• Conflict of Interests

• Bias

• Vulnerable population

• Population considerations * 4 –5 pages

IV. Summary and Conclusion – summarize any conclusions you have drawn and the main points of the paper

* 1 page

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