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Correct dangling, misplaced, and squinting modifiers. Do not significantly alter the meaning of the sentence. Some sentences might be correct (C). (3 pt each)

1. After being fully tested, we judged the car to be in good condition.

Correction: We judged the car to be in good condition after it was fully tested.

2. The cat wanted to sleep in the decrepit house with thinning hair.

Correction: The cat with thinning hair wanted to sleep in the decrepit house.

3. The popular destination for avid cartoon conservationists, we wanted to preserve Yosemite Sam National Park.

Correction: We wanted to preserve Yosemite Sam National Park, a popular destination for avid cartoon conservationists.

4. Applying new formulas to the data, interesting results are discovered even in difficult testing conditions.

Correction: Interesting results are discovered when applying new formulas to the data, even in different testing conditions.

5. We sent the magazine to our art instructors that had four-color art.

Correction: The magazine was sent to our instructors who have four-color art.

6. Running through the rain, our clothes became wet.

Correction: Our clothes became wet after running in the rain.

7. Having completed her research, the report earned her a promotion.


8. He left several books on the plane that he had purchased in Australia.


9. The technical writer who was being questioned aggressively shut the door.

Correction: The technical writer, who was being questioned, aggressively shut the door.

10. After considering the proposals, the decision was postponed.

Correction: The decision was postponed after considering the proposals.


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