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The Gagne-Briggs theory of instructional design argues that
Answer The learning process cannot be influenced by the trainer 
The external events influence the internal learning process 
Presenting the material should be the first step in training
The order of events does not alter the results 
4 points 
Question 2 

The formula for performance (M X KSA X E) suggests
Answer only two of the three factors need to be favorable to obtain
high performance. 
if motivation is high and KSA's are adequate, at least moderate
performance will be achieved. 
if the environment is highly conducive to high performance, then
motivation is not very important. 
none of the above are correct. 
4 points 
Question 3 

Which of following statements about expectancy theory is true?
Answer Expectancy 2 is related to self-efficacy. 
Valence is the measure used for expectancy 1. 
Expectancy 1 is 1.0 when related to a decision making (go vs. no
go) process. 
The valence of outcomes is the same for everyone. 
Expectancy 1 is directly related to valence of outcomes 
4 points 
Question 4 

A basic premise in Social Learning Theory is
Answer a behaviorist approach to learning 
a person learns through observation rather then through doing. 
events can be learned without being processed 
Consequences of behavior do not influence learning 
4 points 
Question 5 

Understanding needs theory is important in the training process
Answer Needs theory helps identify reasons why some people do not
perform well 
Needs theory can help determine what kind of training will be more
Needs theory can inform the choice of environment where training is
Needs theory can help identify motivators that will improve
All of the above 
4 points 
Question 6 

The _____ the self efficacy, the _____ the performance.
Answer higher; worse 
higher; better 
lower; worse 
lower; better 
all of the above are possible 
4 points 
Question 7 

Theories are
Answer useful for model building but impractical for practitioners.

generally developed by all of us to help us understand how things
work in our world. 
concrete steps in the "how to" world. 
useful when they describe a set of facts and develop a logical
rationale for what is likely to be true, given those facts. 
both B & D. 
4 points 
Question 8 

Who laid the foundation for reinforcement theory?
Answer Maslow 
4 points 
Question 9 

Which of the following depicts negative reinforcement?
Answer after you do something you are yelled at 
After you do something you receive a reward 
After you do something you receive no reward 
None of the above depict negative reinforcement 
4 points 
Question 10 

Which of the following is a "process" theory of motivation?
Answer ERG theory 
Maslow's hierarchy of needs 
Reinforcement theory 
Both A & B 

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