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SC4730: Module 2

Factors Impacting Environmental Issues

Lab 2.1

Controversies on Environmental Issues

1 Refer to the Lab 2.1 handout to gain an understanding of various research resources that you can use for this assessment. In light of the information provided in the handout, perform the following tasks:

Select one of the controversies related to environmental issues in the media and find two newspaper articles (one must be a local/regional newspaper and the other a national newspaper

—The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, USA Today,and so on) and two news magazine articles (e.g., Newsweek, Time, and US News & World Report).

Based on the articles you found, evaluate the positive and negative contributions of the media coverage. Focus on the media’s ability to impart the information necessary for the public to make properly informed decisions on environmental issues.

How does each of the examples you picked heighten or diffuse the controversy?

Submission Requirements:

Submit your response in a MS Word document of the following specifications:

Font: Arial; Point 12

Spacing: Double

Include an APA title page. Refer to the sample

APA title page

Cite all sources used in APA format, including at least one in

-text citation from each source and a Reference page.

Page length: 1

–2 pages, excluding the APA title page and Reference page.

Evaluation Criteria:

This assessment will be evaluated using the Lab rubric in addition to the following parameters:

Did you select a controversy and two newspaper articles as per the given requirements?

Did you evaluate the positive and negative contributions of the media coverage?

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