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2500 words

Anything up to 3500 is acceptable

Wordcount does not include references, charts, images etc.

Appendices can be included to justify assertions

Example, a spreadsheet
to analysing future revenue

If you quote a number or statement that is not your own calculation or opinion, you must reference it appropriately

You are an investment analyst considering the relative merits of investing in GM and Tesla.  You have been asked to prepare a report for a group of institutional investors which identifies the relative merits of the two companies and concludes with a recommendation to invest in GM, Tesla, both or neither.


Provide a brief summary of the history and business activities of GM and Tesla (20%)
Present a brief analysis of the historical accounts, focusing upon revenue, profitability and investment and the company funding structure. This analysis should be over at least 3 years. (25%)
Present an analysis of future expectations for both companies, focusing upon revenue and profitability, identifying relative business strengths, weaknesses, issues and the fundamental differences between the two companies.   (35%)
In conclusion, present a recommendation for investment – Tesla, GM, both or neither (20%)

Provide a brief summary of the history and business activities of GM and Tesla

This section can include many graphics to illustrate your summary and make the essay more engaging

Bullet points can be used to save on word count

The reader should emerge with an understanding of how the company was started, its evolution and the main business activities which are taking place today


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