Week 3 Discussion: Personality As Business Model

Due Sun Feb 24 @ 11:59 pm EST •Week 3 Discussion: Personality As Business Model

Week #3 Discussion – Personality as Business Model
(1st post due Wednesday by midnight Eastern Standard Time, 2nd post by Sunday)


To explore the business model of personality/celebrity and how personalities define their brand, target their customers and maintain customer loyalty. 


Entertainment industries are often driven by personality and celebrity. Fans bond with and support bands, singers, actors, sports figures and performers. Many personalities become ‘brands’ in themselves, successful on multiple business platforms. While this type of loyalty can be very personal for the fans of the target age and interest, there are classic business techniques personalities or their advisors use to make their ‘brands’ successful.


First Post due Wednesday by 11:59pm EST

 Choose one of these three: Lady Gaga Tyler Perry or Shonda Rhimes. View oneof the following online videos:

1.  Lady Gaga: The Art of Fame -- from 60 Minutes2011 (14 min.) at Lady Gaga: Art of Fame

Lady Gaga, at a young age, understands the business of personality and how to generate visibility and fan loyalty while managing her own brand.

Additional resource: Lipshutz, J. Lady Gaga’s Comeback: Remind Everyone She Can Really, Really Sing.

Additional Resource: Lady Gaga Discusses Fame, Money.

2. Tyler Perry   -- from 60 min. 2011(12 min.)  at  Tyler Perry:

Tyler Perry’s films have grossed almost $500 million and he does it his way – producing his films, TV series and plays out of his studio complex in Atlanta.  He now has a powerful partnership with Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel.

Additional Resource: Terry profile in the Hollywood Reporter: "T yler Perry Talks Race and Creative Freedom in Hollywood. "

3. Shonda Rhimes (from ABC Nightline 8 min) – a star producer/show runner whose hits “ Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal” and “How To Get Away with Murder” dominate on ABC.  All three dramas are renewed for 2017-2018 season. View the video:   ShondaLand: Behind the Scenes w/Shonda Rhimes

Update on Shonda Rhimes: Rhimes Leaving ABC for Netflix

Additional research:

--  Check out the 'home page' of Lady Gagaand of  Tyler Perry Studiosto see how they present themselves to the public now. Lady Gaga, of course, did the halftime show at the 2017 Super Bowl and presented a different image than in this older video. Cite sources for your research within or at the end of your posting

Address the following questions about his or her business model in your initial posting - discuss only one of the celebrities:

1.Who are Lady Gaga’s or Tyler Perry’s or Shonda Rhimes’ target customer segments. What is going on in their lives or ‘community’?

2.What is the ‘value proposition’ your chosen celebrity offers their customer segments (fans) which makes (A) Lady Gaga different from other female singers or (B) makes Perry’s movies/TV series different or (C) makes Rhime’s shows unique? How do they meet a need for their audiences?

3.What specifically does your chosen celebrity do to reach their customer segments and maintain their loyalty? (customer relationships)

4.How does all this combine to define a unique brand? Do you consider your chosen celebrity  successful in their business model? Why?

5. Since these videos were made, what has the celebrity done in the past year or so, that adds to their brand or visibility, such as releasing new music or a new movie, appearing on a major event or venue, moving to another network, etc. 

NOTE:  If the video link doesn’t work, the URL to copy into your browser is:

Lady Gaga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBk22UhcJIo

Tyler Perry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPnSeo0ur7M

Shonda Rhimes:  http://abcnews.go.com/Nightlin...

Second Post due between Thursday and Sunday by 11:59pm EST

Comment on postings from classmates or offer additional insights. Do not limit the second discussion post to “I agree,” “That’s great” and so forth. Substantiate the position by using meaningful observations to corroborate it, such as professional experiences, relationships, and citing scholarly sources etc. when appropriate.  As a guide for high quality response posts, use the RISE model, which encourages the steps as outlined in the rubric. 

The RISE Model:

  • Reflect: To recall, ponder, and communicate
  • Inquire: To seek information and/or provide ideas through questioning
  • Suggest: To introduce ideas for improvement of current iteration
  • Elevate: To raise to a higher degree or purpose of future iterations

For more information about the RISE Model of meaningful feedback, visit risemodel.com.


This discussion assignment will be graded using the corresponding rubric.  To earn full credit, posts must address ALL of the questions or challenges above.  Discussion posts should be detailed and in-depth, demonstrating knowledge of the course materials by bringing in information from those materials that support the post’s content. Posts must be clear, organized and include proper spelling and grammar. Cite sources used for your research either within or at the end of the posting. 

For meaningful conversation to occur in this discussion, initial posts must be made on time and each student must make at least one follow-up post.

  • The first post is worth 70% of the discussion board grade.  The second post is worth 30% of the discussion board grade.
  • If an initial post is not made by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. EST but is posted before Sunday at 11:59pm EST, there will be 20% taken off (plus any other deductions) for the discussion grade.
  • If an initial post is not made at all, there will be 70% taken off (plus other deductions) for the discussion grade.
  • If a second post is not made between Thursday and Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST, there will be 30% taken off (plus any other deductions) for the discussion grade.

Please do not post initial and response posts on the same day.  No posts will be accepted after the discussion board closes.


Anytime an outside source is used, please include basic source information (link for website; author, title, date for non-website). However, you are not required to use APA formatting in discussion boards.


Review the Academic Integrity section of the course syllabus and ensure that your discussion board submissions do not plagiarize or violate any academic integrity principles of Full Sail University before submitting.  Please note that resubmitting work completed in a previous attempt at the course is considered a form of plagiarism and academic dishonesty. 


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