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Write a short paper (about 6 pages, one of the sample papers is longer and that is fine too) on the GDP and
the economy of any country that is a member of the United Nations. You can use data from: data.un.org (see
the posted guide under assignment on Canvas, there are other good sources as well as The World Bank, IMF,
etc….). Be sure to discuss and have the following outline: Remember, do NOT copy, and paste charts. You
need to make your own from data. The paper will also be evaluated on the writing, clarity, etc…. You can also
use one of the posted sample papers. The latest one is from the fall 2019. 1)Make sure and cite the source of
the data used for your charts and number them in the paper. Start the paper with a brief introduction about the
country that you chose. 2)The country’s GDP evolution and structure (in other words how much is
consumption, government spending, Investment, and the trade balance as a percentage of GDP, not in raw
numbers). The first chart should be that of the C, I, G and X-M shares as a fraction of GDP in percent for your
chosen country (see the sample papers posted on Canvas, the order may be different in those, but you can
see what is required for this first chart and others. The sample papers come very close to what is
required).3)Next, you plot the same chart as above but add the two other countries in the same chart showing
the components as a fraction of GDP. 4)Next, you plot the data and have a chart for your chosen country’s
GDP trends and at least two other countries that may be similar and plot the GDP trends over a few years (3 or
4) and discuss. 5)Next, plot from data a chart that deals with unemployment and inflation for your country and
two others and discuss how they are the similar or different and why?6)Discuss the type of economic structure:
command economy, free market, mixed etc.7)Plot from data and discuss the international trade position (trade
deficit/surplus etc….)and what explains the trends. 8)Discuss the economic prospects for the near future.
9)Bibliography. Only what you have used and give clear and detailed URL links or authors, source etc.

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The post Consumption, government spending, Investment, and the trade balance first appeared on nursing writers.


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