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Obesity in Older Adults Teaching Project

Question descriptionThis assignment is meant to be teaching older adults about a topic of interest.  I chose obesity in older adults and was approved to do the project on this topicI also prefer a PowerPoint as it may be easier to do, with around 15-20 detailed slides. Here are the specific requirements:
Education is very important to optimizing health for the older adult.
You should write the information  for older adults  using layman terms. Avoid medical jargon. It should be creative and informative, using pictures, graphs, charts, etc. or anything that will help your intended audience. You should use at least  2 credible websites AND at least 2 professional articles.  You should also relay research findings somewhere in the presentation. It could be on risks, diagnostic tests, therapies, etc.  The reference page should then contain  at least 2 websites, at least 2 professional articles and at least 1  research article. All articles should be published within the last  5 years. The reference page should be in APA format and attached to the paper or your project.
The content areas to be covered are:
Definition of the disease/disorder and brief description
Symptoms or manifestations.What the older adult with this condition would experience.
Causes of the condition.Sometimes, the cause is unknown.Is it genetic, environmental, immune related?  (for instance:cigarette smoking, high fat diet)
Risk Factors for development (for instance:age, ethnicity, gender)
Complications of the disorder.A complication of cancer can be the effects of the chemotherapy to treat it.
Tests and diagnosis – how does the health professional discover the problem?X-ray, CAT scan, blood test, biopsy?
Treatment (including drug categories and complementary and alternative medicine, if any, along with surgery). You do not have to know the in-depth information here.Just an overview of treatments.
Preventive strategies – for instance abstaining from smoking, vaccinations, screenings, etc. If there is no way to prevent the problem, you need to tell your audience this.
Support services (including websites, publications, associations, referrals, support groups)
If you have one slide/area/heading for each of these areas, it will ensure you have covered all the necessary information.
The presentation of this information can be in the form of:
PowerPoint presentation
Website creation (ie free website creation at https://allaplusessays.com/order)
10 page paper (not including references) but it must contain pictures, etc. to help in getting your information across.
The content is the most important point to this assignment but points are awarded for creativity. I know you are not all nurses and I don’t expect that it be written as if you are. Perhaps your parent or grandparent have been affected. Perhaps a friend or neighbor. What would you tell them that would help them? So, I am looking for general information.
*****REMEMBER>>>>This teaching should be geared to the older adult, so keep this in mind in your presentation!!!

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