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1. First, Read the article at 


Next, watch Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk, entitled The Art of Asking.


2.Okay, that was just a warm-up to get your attention. To really illustrate the potentialsuccess that this form of fundraising can have on a business with a great idea for a product or service, visit the following pages:




Now, for Musicians, here's a great example of a famous guitarist who, instead of going through a major record label, went directly to their fans: 



Next, look at a successful campaign completed by one of our Full Sail students for artist Reggie Williams:


For Gamers, here's a game that got the $ they needed: 


For more traditional ideas such as: 


While most crowdfunding is Donation-based, the hottest new trend is Equity-based, meaning there are actual investors who get an equity stake in a new idea:  Watch this educational clip explaining the term  "accredited investor":


3. Answer the following questions in this week's discussion

1. How is crowdfunding helping entrepreneurs (or intrapreneurs) acheive their objectives to raise money?

2. Do you think crowdfunding will continue to grow, or is it more of a fad that will slow down eventually?

3. What kind of effect will it have on traditional lending (bank loans, VC, etc.)?


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