Essay to be no longer than 5000 words. The word count includes headings, main text and footnote, but excludes the abstract and bibliography. Essay is to be produced using Microsoft Word in an 11point font, with   1.5  line spacing, on write A4 paper.

Essay question: What are the international authority limitations on the rebellious movement’s classifications and the military actions’ legality?

Under the topic of the differences among insurgency and various rebellious movements in the international realm, I will be discussing the international standard of rebellious movement’s classifications and the importance of having a unified standard segment. Due to the deficiency of the international system in distinguishing the various rebellious movements and its limitations, there is a need for a unified standard which will lead to consistent actions by either a country or the coalition of the international community in dealing with insurgency.  

Additionally, I will shed a light on the importance of establishing the legal coverage of the military actions in dealing precisely with insurgency, which will be supported by historical case studies and the most contemporary incidents.  

Proposed structure [a proposed list of chapters]
• Introduction.
• The international standard of the rebellious movement’s classifications.
• The international authority’s limitations on the rebellious movement’s classifications.
• The definition of the various rebellious movements:
a. Insurgency.
b. Terrorism.
c. Revolution.  
• The importance of a unified standard.
• The legal coverage of the military actions in insurgency.
• Recommendations.
• Conclusion.


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