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In this assignment, you will discuss the issues pertaining to informed consent in conducting evaluations and apply ethical decision making to a scenario in which there is a professional ethical conflict.


Review vignette 3 from the following article:

After you have read the vignette, answer the following questions in a 2- to 3-page paper:

  • Should the evaluation, which is requested by the warden, be completed? Why or why not?
  • Would your answer change if the psychologist were not a member of APA? Why or why not?
  • What multicultural/diversity issues would one need to consider if the inmate in the vignette were a homosexual, African-American male who was raised in an adoptive, single-parent household? What ethical and multicultural issues would a professional need to consider in conducting an evaluation of an individual with this background?
  • Support your answers with appropriate references in APA style.

Assignment Component Proficiency

Apply ethical guidelines and legal requirements of practice to specific ethical dilemma.

Appropriate and specific ethical guidelines and legal requirements of practice are identified and applied to ethical dilemma.

Application is accurate and appropriate to resolving or addressing the ethical dilemma(s). (48 points)

Present well-reasoned arguments to support chosen course of action.

Chosen action is ethical and legal.

Arguments presented are well-reasoned and supported by scholarly literature, professional ethical guidelines, and/or the law.

Arguments clearly support the course of action on a broad level.(40 points)

Addressed multicultural/diversity considerations in the evaluationConsiderations presented are appropriately situated and supported by scholarly literature, professional ethical guidelines, and/or the law.(24 points)

Describe ethical guidelines and law governing practice of mental health.Specific ethical guidelines and legal requirements of practice identified are appropriate to real-life scenario. Description of guidelines and laws are clear and complete, and they are grounded in scholarly literature. ( 48 points)

Ability to present self professionally.

Responses were generally clear, concise, organized, and well-supported using multiple sources in adherence with APA style.
The student’s responses cited most sources in correct APA style.
Most references were cited parenthetically and included in the reference list. 
Minimal and correct use of direct quotations. (40 points)

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