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Writing Your Project:
The following is a guideline for your work:
Title Page
• Contents Page (include a word count)
Chapter 1: Introduction
• A brief outline of the topic and how you came to choose it; what you wanted to find out; how you tackled it, and perhaps how your results fit into the broader picture. It is also the place to include a brief description of the background, context and setting in which the study has taken place.
• Approximately 500 words plus.
Chapter 2: Literature Review
• A review of the literature you have found on your subject, with particular emphasis on theories and debates on the subject. This will place your project into a broader academic context and may give you a theory or hypothesis that you wish to test in your empirical research.
• Approximately 1,000 words.
Chapter 3: Methodology
• A review of the methods you used to carry out your research with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach you followed and the approaches you rejected
• A discussion of any ethical issues raises by the research
• Approximately 500 words
Chapter 4: Results
• An account of what you found from your study
• Approximately 1,000 words
Chapter 5: Discussion
• A more critical analysis of the results in which you discuss the results in the context of your original aims, the literature review
• Approximately 1,000 words
Chapter 6: Conclusion and, if appropriate, recommendations for action.  
• Approximately 500 words
• Using Harvard Reference System
• Supplementary information that supports your work but is not a critical part of the project
• This could include copies of questionnaires & notes from supervision meetings
Ethical Issues
All social science research is guided by a code of ethics. Please familiarise yourself with the websites listed in the ‘Further Guidance’ section and follow any recommendations if they are appropriate to your work. This will need to be detailed in the ‘Methodology’ section


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