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Please write a 2 page Quantitative introduction on the following topic:

“What is the economic impact of restricted abortion laws on child bearing women in Alabama,Indiana and Missouri”

The Quantitative Introduction should also include a Quantitative Purpose Statement. Below is guide on each the introduction and purpose statement.

**Quantitative Introductions**
Problem calls for factors and variables
May advance a theory to be tested and substantial literature
May be written from an impersonal, objective point of view

Write one paragraph per element :
The research problem
Studies that have addressed the problem
Deficiencies in the studies
The significance of the study for particular audiences

Then go into the purpose statement

A good quantitative purpose statement contains
:The variables (independent, dependent, and mediating, moderating or control)
The participants
The research site

*Include the following*:
Use words such as purpose, intent, or objective
Identify the theory, model, or conceptual framework
Use words to connect the independent and dependent variables such as related to or comparison of
Position the independent before the dependent variable; other variables may go between the two or after the dependent variable
Mention the specific strategy of inquiry
Provide general definitions of key variables

**A Script for Writing Quantitative Purpose Statements**

The purpose of this(experiment? survey?) study is(was? will be?) to test the theory of (theory name)that (compares? relates?) the (independent variable)to(dependent variable), controlling for (control variables) for (participants) at (the research site). The independent variable(s) will be defined as (provide a definition). The dependent variable(s) will be defined as (provide a definition), and the control and intervening variable(s) will be defined as(provide a definition).




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