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Course: Bachelor of Science (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks
Title: Securing the IoT Smart-Home Network

Avenue of investigation and implementation on Securing the IoT Smart-Home Network. Submission will be a report into work presented in the format of a research paper, including identification and assessment of relevant previous published work, a full description of their work and its significance and correctly formatted references. There is no requirement for academic novelty. (guideline of 3500 words, inclusive of Proposal, Abstract, Title, References, etc.,). Reports substantially longer than the word count risk being penalised.
The completed research paper will be structured as follows: –
• Title – Depicts contents of the paper clearly
• Authors – Recognition of the contributors to the paper
• Abstract – Summary of the paper/ What was done
• Introduction – Explanation of the problem and contributions 
• Background – Description of the area of research.
• Methods/Research findings- Description of data approach/ data collection
• Results- Description of findings/discovery
• Discussion/ Reflection/ Conclusion- Discussion of the implications of findings
• References – Recognition of previous published work used in the paper
• Appendix – Proposal form (refer to “01 SN ICA1 Proposal (draft)”)
Formatting: Paper should be formatted in accordance with IEEE guidelines. Templates for Word and Latex are available on https://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html 
1. Report Proposal (5 Marks) – The scope of the report is clearly and succinctly outlined. An excellent selection of suitable resources has been located and included on the project proposal form.
2. Presentation (15 Marks) – The report is in the preferred format. The spelling and grammar are excellent and diagrams aid the understanding of the text significantly in terms of their relevance and location; the report is extremely well written, focused and without padding. The report is of the correct length.
3. Research (30 Marks) – The area(s) to be researched are clearly and precisely defined. An excellent selection of appropriate, up to date, resources has been found and effectively used to support the entire report.
4. Content (35 Marks) – The content of the report is excellent throughout and demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the chosen topic(s). Research materials have been carefully and effectively analysed. The technological review included in the report is of an excellent standard.
5. Conclusion and Reflection (15 Marks) – Realistic and insightful conclusions have been drawn as a consequence of the research carried out. A full discussion (within the limitations of the assignment) about the nature of future developments is included.

Learning Outcomes
Knowledge & Understanding
1. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of specialist network technologies.
Cognitive & Intellectual Skills
2. Appraise the significant current areas of change and likely developments in the near future.
3. Assess the social implications of emerging specialist networks.
Practical & Professional Skills
4. Appraise the practical issues associated with embedding an emerging network technology into daily life.
Key Transferable Skills
5. Produce a publishable standard article on an emerging specialist network technology.
6. Consider and reflect on any potential conflict with legal, ethical and professional issues on making specialist networks generally available


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