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HRM 324 Total Compensation


Week 1

HRM 324 Week 1 – DQ 1

Describe your reaction to the following statement: Compensation has no bearing on a company’s performance.

HRM 324 Week 1 – DQ 2

What roles does national and organizational culture play in compensation?


Week 1 Assignment:

HRM 324 Week 1- Legal Issues in Compensation. 950+ Words


Week 2

HRM 324 Week 2 – DQ 1

What is job analysis? Oftentimes job analysis is associated with staffing, but how does it relate to compensation?

HRM 324 Week 2 – DQ 2

How does an employer go about determining if their pay is market competitive?


Week 2 Assignment:

HRM 324 Week 2 - Internal and External Equity Comparison (950 Words).

HRM 324 Week 2 - Wage Management. (900+ Words)


Week 3

HRM 324 Week 3 – DQ 1

Does your employer have a pay for performance philosophy? If so, how is this philosophy executed? If your organization does not have a pay for performance philosophy, what are changes to pay based on?

HRM 324 Week 3 – DQ 2

Discuss your views about whether discretionary employee benefits should be an entitlement or something earned based on job performance.


Week 3 Assignment:

HRM 324 Week 3 - Incentive Pay (1250+ Words)

HRM 324 Week 3 - Mandatory (Legally Required) Benefits (350+ Words)


Week 4

HRM 324 Week 4 – DQ 1

What is the difference between a defined contribution retirement plan and a defined benefit retirement plan?

HRM 324 Week 4 – DQ 2

The communication of employee benefits is key. What should be the objectives of a benefits communication program? What types of communication tools does your organization use to communicate benefits?


Week 4 Assignment:

HRM 324 Week 4 - Retirement Plan Communication. (800+ Words)

HRM 324 Week 4 - Retirement Plans (700+ Words)


Week 5

HRM 324 Week 5 - International Compensation. (450+ Words)

HRM 324 Week 5 - Managing Compensation (700 Words)


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