Information Systems and management

Pick one of the following areas, and write a 1,000


word report on its effectiveness, shortages,

and prospects for small businesses:

Cloud Computing


Knowledge Management

Customer Relationship Management

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Resource Planning

The manner in which you structure your analysis is totally dependent on you, and it should

not exceed 1,000 words (excluding abstract, references, bibliography, appendix,

and table of


As a guide,

Your introduction and abstract must identify

your chosen topics

Your work must be fully referenced in the Harvard referencing style

Your work must include an abstract, introduction, body and conclusion.



rmation that


somewhat relevant to the analysis, but not directly related, should

be included in the appendix.

You must refer to recently published academi

c journals, newspaper articles

, books

and market reports (Mintel, KeyNote e.t.c) when conducting

your research

Your analysis should be written up to at


a 65% standard.

The trial essay would be assessing the following,

Your research skills

Your written English skills

Your ability to conduct analysis on non readily available data, and write

concise but

high quality reports and analysis


critical understanding of Information Systems and Management

Your ability to write structured and accurate reports and analysis, especially when

detailed assessment guidelines are not provided.

Good Luck



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