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To assess your ability to: Apply legal principles to fact patterns that
emerge on a regular basis in the business world. Recognize, analyze,
and discuss various legal problems presented in specific situations.
Develop critical thinking and case analysis skills.

Action Items For Week 2:

Analyze the cases in the Questions and Problems based on your assigned group.

Group 1: Chapter 2 (4, 5, and 7) in Dynamic Business Law
Group 2: Chapter 2 (8-10) in Dynamic Business Law

For each assigned case, analyze the issue based on the following criteria:

1. Identify the facts associated with the case and fact patterns.

2. Identify the parties involved in the case dispute (who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant). This can be put into the facts

3. Develop the appropriate legal issue(s) in question (i.e., the
specific legal issue between the two parties). Don’t forget to use
counter arguments, if needed. Identify the law the plaintiff believes is
violated. Then, state how each side thinks that law applies or does
not apply and why that side thinks it does or does not apply.

4. Provide a judgment on who should win the case – be clear.
Support your decision with an appropriate rule of law and why it applies
or does not apply?

Paper requirements: The paper should be no
longer than two pages long, using MLA or APA Style format. If you are
going to submit an attachment, please submit a PDF, MS Word, or Google
Docs document.

Grading Criteria: Comprehensive analysis of the case and the legal issues involved: 0 – 10 points

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