1- Draw the flowchart for the following process using the standard symbols in your text...

scenario: Start, Read in a data set , Clean up the data, Calc the data, Print the result, Wrapup. Where these names indicate modules.


Embed this flowchart in a word doc and submit with file name appended with your initials e.g.


2- Scenario: Jo expects his store to increase its' profits by 50% next year.  Currently Jo has 12000 in profit. Use terms appropriate to this domain. Think Domain Driven Design !

a. Write the  algebraic ( that is, without numbers) equation to express his total end of year profit. Use appropriate domain terminology to create your variables.

b. write the algebraic Python equation using your variables of part a.

c. write the numeric  result of the total end of year profit, show the numeric equation



3- Scenario:

Write the algebraic equation of the following, placing parentheses to indicate precedence and grouping.

Do this on the same line ,with parentheses clearly spaced

a. A/B/C*D+C 

b. A/B^3*4 /D 

c. A ^ 3 ^ 2 * 5


4- Scenario: Given the below customer purchasing state patterns at a store:

A = the customer wants to make a purchase > $200

B = the customer owes $500 to the store

C = take to be always True, e.g., customer is a US citizen . assume C is always true

which means that the ‘C’ column will have all ‘T’ values

Set up a truth  table with three columns for the A, B, C and three additional columns,

(a, b ,c ) reflecting the conditions below: place a “T” or “F” in the appropriate column cells

a. A or Not B ( i.e. place a T or F in all the cells of this ‘a’ column)

b. A or B or C

c. A and B and Not C


5- Given the api of a module  Process(X, Y) where part of the api says that X, Y must be numeric.

Explain the difference between the X, Y in  Process (X,Y) and the a, b in  Process (a, b) shown below?

How would you characterize these variables and why?

a = 10

b = 30

Process( a, b)



6- Distinguish between a global and a local variable, by using the procedure below.


Consider two modules, named ‘A’ and ‘B’ and variables x, y

If x is global variable initially set to 30 in module A and x is also in module B, while y = 10 is a local variable in module A and ‘y’ is a local variable in module B set to -10

Suppose x is changed in module B to 50 and y is changed to 5 in module B

a. State in general the difference between a global and a local variable

b. If x was set to 30 initially in module A, what would x initially be in module B?

c. If x in module B is now set to 50 what is x now in module A?

d. If y in module B is now set to 42, what is ‘y’ now in module A?


7- Scenario: An area of lawn is to be covered with sod and its cost calculated.

The length is L and the width is W. The cost of sod is D dollars per square foot. Write the Python code to express the following:

Note: I am not asking you to run anything, just write it out in Python.  Also, I used short hand for length, width, etc. You should not. Write out appropriate variable names. 

a. Write the Python code to express the area, use appropriate domain terminology.

b. Write the Python code to express the cost of the sod, given you have the area from part ‘a’.

c. Write the Python code: If the lawn must be re-sodded four time a year, what is the annual cost?

You should end up with three lines of Python code. 







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