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Scenario: You are a member of a recently formed committee to deal with numerous complaints against police and correction officers in your town and are asked to determine if there is merit to these allegations and develop a protocol to address the current problem and prevent these practices from occurring in the future. The allegations are a vast amount that focuses on brutality toward citizens and inmates.

There are signs that the entire police and correctional system is suffering of corruption activity, specifically from supervisory and upper-management positions. You have witnesses of police attacks on teenagers and family members that have seen their loved one with bruised bodies from the attacks suffered in the different prisons.

When the committee is provided the report that was produced through the interviewing of all inmates through the correctional system, an overwhelming 90% of inmates declared they were brutally battered for such reasons as not eating lunch under their 30-second rule or the way the inmate walked, which many inmates stated that correction officers would make it clear to them that they were walking like girls and needed an old fashion whooping.

When the committee took a comprehensive look at police complaints, they were provided pictures that were sent in by citizens that presented police officers using weapons in their assaults of young teenagers that were alleged gang members.

There was some audio provided to you and the committee of the voices of police officers speaking to the police chief about a specific crime-ridden area, in which they were instructed to make an example of anyone suspicious walking after 11:00 p.m. This group project is an assignment where you will be assigned a group or choose your group, depending on your instructor.

You will have an individual portion that each member will have to accomplish separately and a group assignment that should be a compilation of the individual portions of each student. Be sure to use at least one of the theories on ethics in your proposal.

Your proposal should include an analysis, a causal explanation(s) of the ethical dilemmas, and methods for reducing the current and future corruption.

Individual Portion: Each member of the group should identify and research the corrupt practices of the police and correctional systems of the town and make several key recommendations on addressing the corruption for the police department and correctional system. The following will be the expected short deliverables for each student of the group: •

Provide a 1-page overview essay on the corrupt practices of the police and correctional systems. •Provide a 1-page bulleted list of key recommendations to address the corruption occurring in the police and correctional systems with explanations on why the recommendation is valuable.

Provide an outline on how you would construct the final paper that will be presented as your final group deliverable.

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