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Ch 3  CT 312




  1. What do the following MOV  instructions accomplish?


  1. MOV AX , BX

  2. MOV BX, AX

  3. MOV BL, CH





      9)  Select an instruction for each of the following tasks


                a) copy EBX into EDX


                b) copy BL into CL


                c) copy SI into BX


                d) copy DS into AX


                e) copy AL into AH


                f) copy R8 into R10




   29)  Suppose that DS = 1000H,  SS = 2000H, BP = 1000H, and D1 = 0100H.  Determine the


            Memory address accessed by each of the following instructions, assuming real mode




  1. MOV AL, [BP + D1]

  2. MOV CX, [D1]

  3. MOV EDX, [BP]




CH 4


7)  Identify the default segment registers assigned to the following:


a)  SP


b)  EBX


c)  D1


d) EBP


e) SI




11)  Of a MOV SI, [EAX] instruction appears in a program  for the Core2 microprocessor operating


In the 16-bit instruction mode, what is its machine language equivalent?




21)  Explain what happens when the PUSH BX instruction executes.  Make sure to show where


BH and BL are stored. (Assume that SP = 0100H and SS = 0200H.)


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