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Question : Execution Program Practical Connection Assignment

Please relate the document with roles and responsibilities. explain how the course is helpful for the mentioned roles and responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Maintain in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, technologies, architectures and emerging technologies as well enforcing best practices for data management, governance and integration.

• Creates test plans, automation test scripts, execute regression testing, load testing and prepare performance metrics.

• Execute tests against written requirements, identify test defects – deviations track to closure.

• Support strategic planning on architecture and build of data ingestion / federation capabilities to

develop highly integrated data model / solutions

• Develop relevant artifacts including business requirements (BRD), use cases, process flow diagrams, target operating models to effectively rationalize business solutions and future work-streams

• Participate in data lake governance and compliance processes to ensure all areas of technology are implementing solutions consistent with the target architecture

• Develops and implement internal communication strategies, plans and tactics that support the business goals and objectives.

• Provides second line of defense risk oversight of the Operational risk program, including application of operational risk policies/standards, procedures, strategies, material risks, risk reporting routines and metrics

• Identifying, assessing and reporting progress on Risk and Control Self Assessments (RCSA), including process mapping, identification and assessment of risk, identification of controls, and assessments of control design and effectiveness, identification of themes.

• Support the design/implementation of advancing and delivering the governance, risk, compliance and oversight program

• Active participation in high-profile information risk management initiatives.

• Enhances the financial understanding of business lines, products and segments to aid reporting,

forecasting and business decision making.

• Identify opportunities for business process improvements and develop solutions to promote the seamless delivery of services.

• Lead/participate in a variety of planned or ad-hoc program initiatives, including project management

• Responsible for identifying, analyzing, assessing financial impacts, and overseeing strategic results-

driven initiatives designed to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness.

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