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Leadership Concept Analysis Group Paper

Application: Leadership Concept Analysis Group Paper

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To prepare:
•Review the Peer Evaluation Form for important information on how this assignment is graded.
•Identify a group facilitator.
•Within your group, select a topic relevant to interprofessional leadership and the health care field on which to focus your group paper. The following are some potential topics for your group to consider: ◦Matrix organizations

◦“Just” culture **** This is our topic****

•When your group has selected a topic, the group facilitator will submit the topic to the Instructor for approval on the Discussion Board in the Week 5 Group Project Topic Forum.
•Conduct research on your topic using the Walden Library and other credible sources.

To complete:

As a group, write a 3- to 5 (page count does not include title and reference page) page paper that includes the following:
•Section 1: Introduction
•Section 2: Significance of the topic (based on literature that speaks to the relevancy of the concept selected in terms of interprofessional leadership)
•Section 3: Review of the literature related to the concept that the group selects (current best practices, positive or negative impact on leadership or health care organizations, etc.)
•Section 4: Application to nursing (e.g., implications or consequences for nursing leaders)
•Section 5: Conclusion

All group members are expected to collaborate fully on this project, and your group paper should demonstrate an original and thoughtful application of the ideas presented in the Learning Resources and the research literature.
We have broke this up into parts and the only one that I have to do is Section 4 Nursing Implications about Just culture.

The resources must be within the last 5 years and have to be accessible by the group and professor. Please try and use walden library. Also I will send a power point that someone did on just culture to give you a guide. I ONLY HAVE TO COMPELTE SECTION 4. THAT IS MY PART.

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