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In class, we have outlined the three different styles of painting in seventeenth century Rome: realism, baroque,
and classicism. Please retell, in broad strokes, the story of painting during this period by analyzing both formally
and thematically, along the lines of our class analysis, three different paintings, each belonging to one of these
three styles. You can choose, for example, a painting by Caravaggio, one by Pietro da Cortona, and one by
Poussin, but feel free to pick other artists as long as they fit these criteria. The main restriction, though, is that
these must be paintings that were not discussed or even seen in class. That is, before choosing what paintings to
write on, make sure they do not appear in any of our class powerpoints (available on CANVAS under files ).
Please feel free to ask question.
Please use these three works.
Caravaggio Ecce Homo
Giovanni Battista Gaulli Apotheosis of saint Ignatius
Claude Lorrain seaport at sunset
Devote at least one and a half page to analyzing, formally and thematically (and, most importantly, focusing on
the relationship between form and content) each of the paintings. At least another page and a half should be
devoted to a comprehensive discussion of the similarities and differences between them, and to how from these
three paintings we can analyze the overall shape of the history of painting in seventeenth century Italy. Here you
also need to consider the various conditions social, theological, art theoretical, philosophical that led to the
stylistic changes during the period. (Of course, you can also address these conditions in your discussions of the
individual paintings.) Please cite the course reading and any additional sources where relevant, and add a
bibliography. (Not included in the page count.) You can format your citations as you wish.
The above makes for a full 6 pages of text. The remaining 1 2 pages of the assignment should be accounted for
by an introduction and transitional paragraphs between your discussions of the individual paintings.


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