APA format essay


Introduction Attention getter: education can hardly be separated from today’s life

Background info: education has generally become the backbone of everyday life; thus, it should remain relevant.

Thesis/Position: proper education is essential and requires the adaptation of changes from time to time to ensure that the methods used in education focus on providing the best quality. Therefore, the implementation of skills that match with the content provided in the teaching should be considered.

Argument paragraph 1

(latest technology)

Topic sentence: the most viable options to ensure improved teaching quality while using proper and acceptable means. Issues such as technology should always be incorporated and kept up to date.

Explanation: proper technology will ensure that education remains at the highest possible standards.

Evidence/ Example: Raja, R., & Nagasubramani, P. C. (2018). Impact of modern technology in education.  Journal of Applied and Advanced Research3(1), 33-35.

“The internet has grown in importance by many folds, over the process of decade. Its importance in the education world can now never be undermined.”

Concluding statement: Technology should be maximized by ensuring the use of the latest software learning versions.

Argument paragraph 2

(learners support)

Topic sentence: practices to be adopted to ensure remote learning while maintaining full learners’ support.

Explanation: the government should focus on ensuring even those with special needs get maximum attention.

Evidence/ Example: Sebastian, V. (2016). Ensuring learning in slow learners.  Educational Quest-An International Journal of Education and Applied Social Sciences7(2), 125-131.

“Teachers cannot ignore the students who do not keep pace with the teaching-learning process. Some students do feel neglected and unwanted in the whole transaction of the school process.”

Concluding statement: proper attention should be given to students with special needs to ensure they get to understand as much as the fast learners.

Argument paragraph 3

(implementation of skills)

Topic sentence: the various qualities entailed in quality learning and the best ways to maintain it while preserving relevance and originality through the implementation of skills.

Explanation: if the necessary skills would be applied during teaching, then the students’ interest would be well cared for.

Evidence/ Example: Burganova, R., Abdullina, S., & Tuyakova, A. (2018). Improving the quality of education through student-centred education.  Series of Social and Human Sciences6, 102-104.

“The formation of educational programs and the applied teaching technologies should be based not on how teachers and departments can or what they want, but on how the future profession and capabilities of the student require.”

Concluding statement: education provided should remain relevant without drifting from the main agenda.

Counterargument paragraph

(other people’s solution or their objections to the solutions)

Topic sentence: the various assumptions and reasons that may differ on the approaches provided towards improving education quality.

Explanation: issues such as cyberbullying and fraud may make the technology to be considered harmful. There may be a negative impact on how students interact.

Refutation: Evidence/ Example: Dumford, A. D., & Miller, A. L. (2018). Online learning in higher education: exploring advantages and disadvantages for engagement.  Journal of Computing in Higher Education30(3), 452-465.

“The students with greater number of online courses also reported less exposure to effective teaching practices and lover quality of interactions.”

Concluding statement: there is more interaction physically than in online classes. Hence a balance should be focused on to ensure proper interpersonal relations.

Conclusion Restate thesis in a new way: keen observations should be made to ensure the best approaches are used to ensure that the quality of education remains at its best. This can be enhanced by ensuring that the knowledge provided matches specific skills.

Summarize: the need to improve the quality of education should be prioritized to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Bring things to a solid close/ give your reader something to think about: embracing proper technology and online learning using the required skill would elevate the quality of education hence creating competent professionals.