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USF Drone Aero Technology Business Plan Report & Planning Resources Essay

Question Description

Task 1: Proposal( submit task 1 in 12 hours )

Write a Proposal covering the following points (250 words):

  • ? Name of the company
  • ? Background
  • ? Why did you choose this company/service?
  • ? How will this assignment benefit you
  • ? Expected problems/proposed solutions
  • ? Action Plan

Task 2: written report

1. Introduction

– a brief profile of the company/service

2. Discusion

– planning resources

– customer demographics

– market needs

– competition and advantages

– SWOT analysis

3. conclusion

check the file below for all the required information and resourcues

make sure to read the attached file and follow it exactly

1000 words

submit task 1 in 12 hours

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