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Identify the specific population your program will serve.

Identify a particular issue/problem or both your program will address.

What kind of need might the program address?


What political, economic, social, and technological factors that would most likely affect the clients your program will serve?

How might you go about assessing the needs and strengths of your program’s community?

What culture and diversity factors do you foresee having the greatest effect (positive and negative) on your clients and program?


Write a mission statement for your program.

Write a primary goal for your program.

List specific measurable objectives that would help meet the goal you identified.

List activities or services that would be helpful in meeting your objectives.


What theory are you using?

Do you find your theory to be more helpful than others?

Which theory do you find to not be a good fit for your program?


How should the organization’s work be departmentalized?

How should work be divided among departments and individuals?

How would you make sure that the work of various individuals and groups was effectively coordinated? Draw an organizational chart that you could use to describe the agency’s design.


Briefly describe the job you have selected to make your program work.

What will be the most important duties that the person holding that job will carry out?

What will be the primary qualifications?

How would you assess whether the candidate possess these qualifications?

What would be the key questions you would ask in an interview?

What answers would you be seeking?


Identify and list the supervisory pairs (supervisor and supervisee) that would work together for general and clinical supervision.

What would be the most important issues that the employee’s supervisor might need to address?


Prepare a line item budget to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Suggest ways in which funds could be acquired to implement it.


Describe your information system, giving particular attention to (a) how you will measure the accomplishment of objectives and (b) how you will document changes in the quality-of-life conditions experienced by clients.


What method do you plan to use (quantitative, methods, qualitative methods, or both)? On what did you base this choice?

What methods will you use to evaluate each of your objectives?

What process measures will you use?

What outcome measures will you use?


Considering the characteristics of the program you have designed, what kind of leader would be best to manage the program?

What factors within this particular program, including the characteristics of staff, would give guidance as to the best leadership styles?


What challenges do you think this program and the agency as a whole may be facing in order to stay vibrant, to remain aware of environmental changes, and to keep up with best practices in the field? What development, growth, or training activities do you foresee would be helpful to the organization?

Part-two: PowerPoint Presentation– Brief Overview of Questions 1 and 3 – Type of program, population, goals, objectives, services, and mission statement

Organizational Chart Brief Overview of Question 8 – Budget and ways to acquire funds

Brief Overview of Question 10 – Evaluation Tools Brief Overview of Question 12 – Achieving and Maintaining Organizational Excellence

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