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For this assignment, you will be writing a commercial. Your assignment must be a MINIMUM of 400 words.You may have to read ahead in your textbook to complete this assignment. Your assignment needs to be in PARAGRAPH form, but I also want you to submit a NUMBERED response to the following 6 commercial requirements AND underlineand/or bold when you mention the following within your commercial:

  1. Name of business/organization
  2. Length of commercial
  3. USP-Unique Selling Point
  4. Target audience
  5. Location of business or contact information
  6. Type of commercial


  1. Business Name:WRXP Broadcast Network
  2. Commercial Length:60 sec.
  3. Unique Selling Point: Our engaging morning show.
  4. Target Audience:Men and women, local, ages 34-45, etc.
  5. Business Location and Contact Information:Birmingham, Ala., 205-555-555, 1305 Westville Road 32459
  6. Type of Commercial:Sale

******Please note: Following the above example, I want you to write out your commercial “script” in PARAGRAPH form. You must have a numbered list like the one above AND the paragraph form script to receive full credit!The information you include in this assignment can be REAL or FAKE. It does not matter; you have carte blanche. I am more concerned with your ability to follow directions and research/use information from your textbook.This assignment does nothave to be in a certain style format (AP, MLA, APA, etc.).



  1. Sale
  2. Institutional
  3. Customer testimonial
  4. Employee personal appeal
  5. Event
  6. Co-operative advertising with manufacturer

You must follow these directions for your commercial writing:

When writing commercials and PSAs you utilize related skills. You should use the name of the business or organization three times in a 30 second spot if feasible: at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. Just like a good speech, a commercial/PSA needs an introductory sentence that captures the attention of the listener. In the middle it needs something interesting to keep the listener engaged. And like a good speech, it also needs a last sentence that lingers in the mind of the listener.

Creativity is critical. Why be boring? Remember, Time is literally Money (because that’s how they are sold). Make that commercial or PSA stand out from the rest. If it gets remembered, it’s good for everyone: the advertiser, the station, and the listener.

Feel free to use additional voices and/or sound effects to create a “theater of the mind” spot. A commercial/PSA can be considered a very short, compact radio play. You can make all the elements work together. It starts with good writing. Don’t fall back on clichés, like “save like never before” (really? who believes that?). Use your imagination. Consider each word carefully, for again time is money. You don’t want to waste the advertiser’s money/time by using unnecessary verbiage. Is each word worth a dollar? If not, erase it. Don’t use detailed directions to the storefront. Phone number/website? Make ’em short and sweet. Make me interested in whatever you’re selling! And most importantly—have fun with this assignment!

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