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Biology Paper

  1. View Dr. David Suzuki’s Stander Symposium talk at: https://allaplusessays.com/order
  1. Prepare a paper (4-pages typed, double space, 12 point – Times New Roman or similar sized font) answering some of the following questions.
    1. What were the most significant aspects of his presentation?
    2. Did you gain any insights or better perspectives on environmental issues from Dr. Suzuki?
    3. Did the Dr. Suzuki help you better understand the issues regarding environmental concerns?
    4. Why does Dr. Suzuki say we are a new geological force on the planet?
    5. Why does Dr. Suzuki think that foresight, the ability to look ahead, is the key to our enormous success as a species? How can we use that foresight to help us today?
    6. Dr. Suzuki speaks about four sacred elements – air, water, earth and fire. How does he tie them into his talk? According to Dr. Suzuki, how do these sacred elements connect us to all of life?
    7. Why does Dr. Suzuki consider the air, water, earth and fire to be the bottom line?
    8. What does Dr. Suzuki describe as the clash between two radically different ways of seeing the world?
    9. What is the connection he makes between ecology and economics?
    10. Why does Dr. Suzuki say that the tragedy of our economic system is that it doesn’t pay attention to the fact that nature is the source of our very lives and livelihood? What examples does he give to show how an intact forest supports our lives?
    11. What were the areas that you most agreed with him? Areas where you disagreed?
    12. Did he say anything that surprised you or found particularly interesting?
    13. Has this talk motivated you to want to look deeper into the topic or particular aspect that he brought up in his talk?
    14. Are there questions that you would have liked to ask him?
    15. Any other comments and reflections?
  2. Recycling 
    1. Recycling 
      1. The purpose of this project is to help you get into  the  habit of recycling, if you are not already doing so.
      2. Find out what the University and the City of Cincinnati accepts for recycling and how, when and where you can recycle materials used in you hall, house or apartment.
      3. Over a  four-week period keep a weekly  itemized  list, with the count, of the individual items that you and your roommates recycle in the different areas (glass, aluminum, tin cans, plastics, paper, etc.)
      4. Write a  4-page typewritten report (double spaced, 12 point):   2-pages about why recycling is important, what materials can be recycled, how recycling  saves energy and resources, how the United States compares to other countries in recycling efforts, etc.;  1-page on what the 1) City of Cincinnati, 2) your hometown and 3) University accept for recycling and composting, and where you can recycle on the campus; and  1 page on your reflections of what you have learned through this project and what you can do in the future.
      5. Attach your  itemized  list of recycled items to your report

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