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Here is homework for Monday April 9.

  • You perform an adsorption experiment looking at Fibronectin adsorption onto Teflon using an optical reflectometry method. The bulk concentration of the Fibronectin was 2 μg/ml in a phosphate buffered saline solution. You obtain the data shown below. HINT: Change percent to fraction.
Time (s) Theta (Percent Area Coverage)
0 0
5 13.661
10 17.875
15 28.38
20 32.703
30 35.286
45 39.808
60 45.092
90 48.967
120 48.938
240 51.872
480 52.854
960 54.907
    1. Plot the data.
    2. Estimate the adsorption and desorption rate constants and their ratio for Fibronectin adsorption onto Teflon in this saline solution. Plot both the data and the curve predicted by the equation and your estimated constants on the same figure. This is area fraction coverage vs. time. Do this using a computer program of your choice: You can use excel and use the least squares non-linear regression method I showed, other options for doing a non-linear least squares regression include MatLab, MiniTab and SPSS.
    3. Give an estimate of the length of time required to reach equilibrium and show this on your figure.

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