ICW #4

Paul Tudor Jones II: “Why We Need to Rethink Capitalism”

Here is it:



1.      Summarize the problem with capitalism, in Jones’s estimation.


2.      In his talk, Jones includes a great deal of evidence to support his view that we need to rethink capitalism. List as many as you can here.


3.      Which is the most compelling to you? Why? Consider the impact of this reason on e.g. you and people like you, our nation, our environment, the poor, the employed, the unemployed, etc.


4.      Jones names three ways income inequality gaps are usually closed. Name them.


5.      What do you think of his proposal to address income inequality?


6.      Is the situation as dire as he suggests, do you think?


7.      What are the barriers to reforming capitalism?



8.      What would you want to ask him, if you were sitting in the audience?