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Homework 8: Global Circulation Patterns in the Atmosphere and Oceans

As with all homework assignments, you will be evaluated using the R.E.A.L. rubric.

The relevant section from Tarbuck & Lutgens (2015) is indicated.(Don’t forget to cite it if

you use it!) Special note : if a website is not available, then you are not responsible for that

part of this homework.Please notify me by email before the due date, if that is the case.

A. Three-cell Atmospheric Circulation Model (Sections 6.8, 18.4, and 18.8).

1) Along which three latitudes would you expect to have surface low pressure regions

centered? What kind ofatmospheric conditions would you expect in these low pressure regions –

generally cloudy or clear?

2) Along which four latitudes would you expect to have surface high pressure regions?

What kind ofatmospheric conditions would you expect in these high pressure regions –

generally cloudy or clear?

3) Along what general latitude regions are our deserts located? Explain.

B. Ocean Circulation (Section 18.7 El Niño and La Niña)

1) Go to the NASA Ocean Motion & Surface Currents page at:


If you think it’s helpful for your understanding, also review these pages from NOAA:



How does the Walker Circulation in the atmosphere affect theocean current direction?

How do the ocean currents affect sea levels and surface temperatures inthe tropical

Pacific Ocean (near the equator) under normal conditions?

2) Go to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) El Niño Page at:


The top map shows the recent sea surface temperatures across the tropical Pacific

Ocean, whilethe bottom map shows recent sea surface temperature anomalies across the tropical PacificOcean.

How can you use a sea surface temperature anomalies graph to recognizewhether the conditions are normal, El Niño or

La Niña? Be specific.

3) Go to the NASA Earth Observatory – El Niño’s Impacts in the Biosphere site at:


Discuss some of the global effects of El Niño. Do you think that El Niño only causes


C. Explain how the Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt acts to moderate Earth’s temperature

(Section 15.2). Use language that a child would understand.

D. Thoughtful Question. Respond to the following:

1) El Niño and La Niña forecasting is improving.Pose a thoughtful question related to the

need forand benefit from accurate forecasting of these events.Thoughtful questions do

not have obviousanswers!

2) Optional: Do your best to find an answer to the above question.

E. Submit your written responses into the Homework 8 Assignment in Canvas.

Use: Times New Roman, 12 point font, Double Space, Plagiarism free content, and lastly Use this for references for your answers/work….References: Tarbuck, E.J. & Lutgens F.K. (2015). Earth Science (14th ed.). Boston

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