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CNL-501: Topic 1 Addiction Worksheet

Part One Directions: Provide short answers of 100-250 words each for the following questions/statements. Include at least three scholarly resources beyond the course textbook in your response and listed as a reference at the bottom of the worksheet.

1. Define the following types of biological effects in the context of substance use disorder treatment.

· Pharmacological

· Neurological

· Physiological

· Psychological

2. Select two substances from the following and describe at least two common pharmacological and physiological effect of each (100-250 words each).

· Opioids

· Stimulants

· Cannabinoids

· Hallucinogens

· Another DSM Substance Use Disorder of your choice

3. What is a process addiction? What is a substance use disorder? How are the two similar and how are they different?

4. How would a counselor establish a treatment relationship to work with a client with a substance use disorder or process addiction?

5. Briefly explain the history of substance abuse treatment in the United States over the past 100 years. How did the early practices differ from what is being done today?

6. Briefly describe the development of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary teams in regards to the treatment of addictions.

Part Two Directions: Select one psychological and one biological theory/model from the list below and add them to the chart. Include a brief description of the model as well as the similarities and differences of the selected models.

12-Step Model Developmental Model
Family Disease Learning Models
Neurobiological Model Public Health Model
Behavioral Models Disease Model
Healing Model Moral Model
Personality Models Stage of Change Model
Cognitive-Behavioral Model Family Systems
Genetic Model Multicausal Model
Psychodynamic Model Subcultural Models
Psychological Theory/Model Biological Theory/Model
Brief Description (25-50 words)        Brief Description (25-50 words) 
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