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Biology homework help

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Biology 1111.06__________________

Chapter 7 Assignment

Worth 100 Points
Directions: Answer the following questions and/or statements below regarding understanding cellular respiration. Don’t forget to use the class format in answering these questions on the assignment. After you have completed the document, submit it in the appropriate dropbox. More than one submission will result in a 10-point penalty. Do not edit the document. The title along with the directions and questions must be included to avoid the 15-point penalty applied to the overall grade. Again, do not edit the document and add your answers to the original document. Remember, the submissions of pdf are not allowed in this class. If a pdf is submitted, you will receive a zero for the assignment for not following directions. Again, all work again should be placed in the dropbox. Also, the document that you submit should be a Microsoft Word Document. If your document is not a Microsoft Word Document, you will not receive any credit for the assignment. NO concessions will be given for late work, resubmissions, or concessions. Again, don’t forget that your answers should be written in the class template and to provide everything that is required for an assignment to avoid penalties. Check your syllabus regarding what is required for all activities
1. Write the chemical equation for cellular respiration. Circle the reactants and underline the products. C6H12O6 + 6O2 ———— 6CO2
2. Where in the cell does cellular respiration occur? It occurs in all the cells body and it is the reason we breathe.
3. Label the parts of the mitochondria – outer membrane, inner membrane, cristae (folds on the inner membrane). Type answer in the box.
4. Where do we get glucose from?
5. What gas combines with glucose in order for glucose to break down?
6. What type of organisms carry out cellular respiration?
7. What does cellular respiration produce for our cells?
8. Where is the energy in glucose stored?
9. What do humans & animals do with the CO2 produced when glucose breaks down?
10. What do plants do with the CO2 produced during cellular respiration?
11. What is the function of the mitochondria?
12. What do we do with the H2O produced when glucose breaks down?
13. What do plants do with the H2O they produce during cellular respiration?
14. What is energy? What is the energy current of the cell? What is energy used for in eukaryotic cells. Be specific. This answer must have at least 5 sentences in order to receive credit.
15. What does glycolysis mean?
16. Where in the cell does glycolysis occur? In the cytoplasm outside the mitochondria, is the breakdown of glucose to two molecules of pyruvate.
17. What is glucose broken down into during glycolysis?
18. Does glycolysis need/require O2?
19. Is glycolysis an anaerobic or aerobic process?
20. Where do the ATP’s that start glycolysis (stage 1) come from?
21. What’s the function of the Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain (stage 2)?
22. What does fermentation mean? It is the anaerobic breakdown of glucose, resulting in the production of two ATP per glucose ensures that ATP is available for cellular processes.
23. Name the 2 types of fermentation. Acholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation.
24. What organisms carry out alcohol fermentation?
25. Does alcohol fermentation require oxygen?
26. Why does bread dough rise? Explain this process with your understanding of fermentation. This answer must have at least 5 sentences to receive credit.
27. After we exercise strenuously our muscles are sore. Why? This answer must have at least 5 sentences to receive credit.
28. Does lactic acid fermentation require oxygen?
29. Does cellular respiration require oxygen?
30. How often does cellular respiration occur in our bodies?
31. Explain the preparatory reaction and its purpose in cellular respiration. This answer must have at least 5 sentences to receive credit.
32. How many ATP are produced in the Citric Acid Cycle? 6NAD+
33. What is the total amount of ATP produced in Glycolysis?
34. How many times does the Citric Acid Cycle turn to produce 6 NADH?
35. Explain the why ATP Synthase Complex is required in Cellular Respiration. This answer must have at least 5 sentences to receive credit.
36. What are the coenzymes that are used in cellular respiration?
37. Explain why fats produce more ATP than a glucose molecule. This answer must have at least 5 sentences to receive credit.
38. ATP Synthase Complex is found in which reaction that is a part of cellular respiration?
39. Why are H+ ions important for the output of cellular respiration? This answer must have at least 5 sentences to receive credit.
40. Tell one interesting thing that you learned about cellular respiration in chapter 7. This answer must have at least 5 sentences.
Inner membrane
Outer membrane

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