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Which of the following is not a way to reduce social loafing?

Which of the following is not a way to reduce social loafing?
Increase group size
Assure equity of effort among group members
Hold individuals accountable
Use hybrid rewards
Hold both individuals and the group accountable
Which of the following statements about norms is not true?
Norms are shared phenomena and may apply to the group, team, or organizational level
Norms are typically written down and discussed openly by groups
Norms clarify behavioral expectations
Norms help group members avoid being embarrassed
Norms clarify central values and unique identity of a group
A norm is a written rule a group agrees upon that guides behavior.
Which of the following is an organizational function of a group?
Fulfill the need for affiliation
Reduce anxieties
Build self-esteem
Coordinate interdepartmental efforts
Provide an opportunity to test perceptions of social reality
In a true team, leadership must be shared.
Office locations, furnishings, and seating locations are forms of nonverbal communication.
As HR Director at a large manufacturing firm, it is Henry’s responsibility to ensure that employees are properly compensated according to a biweekly time schedule. Many of Henry’s employees chose to have their pay checks automatically deposited into their designated bank accounts. However, it is still necessary to inform these workers that their pay has been properly deposited. Which of the following communication media should Henry choose to convey this information?
Telephone conversation
Face-to-face conversation
Interactive medium
“Your assignments are always late” is an example of good feedback.
Experts estimate that about ________ of every conversation is interpreted through nonverbal communication.
65% to 95%
Associations between facial expressions and emotions vary across cultures.
Of the following, the least rich form of communication is:
Phone calling
Handwritten note
Choosing an appropriate medium for communication depends only on the message’s intended purpose and the type of audience.
Which of the following is not one of the suggestions coming out of the TED protocol?
You should never read your presentation
The most important element of stage presence is eye contact
Use the latest technology available to appear to be up to date
Prepare far enough in advance
Conduct a practice session
Which of the following is a tip for more effective PowerPoint presentations?
Include questions on slides
Utilize lots of images
Make sure you have plenty of special effects
Use multiple font styles, sizes, and colors
Put everything you have to say on a slide
Negative nonverbal communication skills include all but one of the following. Which one?
Avoiding eye contact
Leaning forward
Speaking too fast
Speaking too slowly
Closing your eyes
As a manager of two employees who are having a personality conflict, one step you should take is to document the conflict.
If you believe you may be wrong, the ________ conflict handling style is appropriate.
Organizations can suffer from having too little conflict, as well as too much.
The two basic types of negotiation are:
Integrating and avoiding
Dominating and obliging
Distributive and integrative
Interpersonal and intrapersonal
Organizational and individual
All conflict ultimately threatens management’s authority and thus has to be avoided or quickly resolved.
Groupthink occurs when a desire to get along with other group members pushes aside critical thinking.
A(n) ________ negotiation describes a situation where an agreement can be found that is better for both parties.
Conflict is considered to be dysfunctional when:
It involves alternative dispute resolution
It hinders organizational performance
It involves the compromising or integrating conflict handling styles
It involves a devil’s advocate
It involves groupthink
Diversity in work groups can create conflict, so managers should try to minimize diversity when assigning people to teams.
A very high level of cohesiveness in a group:
Is always a good thing for the organization
Can reduce “groupthink”
Is likely to reduce critical thinking
Increases cooperation of the group with other groups
Heightens the accuracy of group members’ perceptions of reality

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