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In this course, you will progressively work on a system implementation process in six stages:

  • Week 1: System planning
  • Week 2: System analysis
  • Week 3: System selection
  • Week 4: System implementation
  • Week 5: User training and system maintenance

You can use Internet resources, peer-reviewed journals, and reputable, published articles, and you may interview an executive of a healthcare facility that has implemented an electronic medical record system/electronic health record system or similar system to describe the six implementation steps.

This week there are three tasks to do. First, you will work on the user trainingphase of the system implementation, considering the following:

  • Planning for training
  • Contents of training
  • Methods of training
  • Location of training
  • Schedule of training
  • Resources needed
  • Training the trainer
  • Conducting the training
  • Additional periodic ongoing trainings
  • Computer-assisted training

Complete the section in a 3–5-page.

Second, this week is final phase of the system implementation that results in the acceptance, rejection, or modification of the project, and release, suspension, or deduction of the contracted amount to the vendor(s)—system maintenance. Compose a brief (2-page) summary of how you will:

  • Ensure that all hardware work together.
  • Ensure that every function of every application of the computer system works and the system meets the functional requirements and the RFP specifications.
  • Ensure that data between different systems interfaces and is transferred smoothly and in correct format.
  • Ensure correct transference of data from old to new system (conversion testing).
  • Ensure that the system can work under maximum load (volume/stress testing).
  • Verify that the system works as expected in a live environment.




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