Final Programming Project Assessment

Instructions: The following programming problem can be solved by a program that uses three basic tasks-Input Data, Process Data, and Output Results. To process the data, use file, looping, array, decision, accumulating, counting, find min/max and sorting techniques. First, create an MS Word document containing a hierarchy chart and a data flow diagram to organize your program modules. Second, create a pseudocode program using Notepad++ to solve this problem. Third, create the program with RAPTOR. You MUST use Modular Programming techniques by using Sub Modules (Sub Charts in RAPTOR) in your program. Your "main" module should not be very large. NEVER call "main" from inside your program. Also, do not use "recursion" in this program (submodules that call themselves). You are only allowed to use looping techniques to repeat sections of your submodules.


Problem Statement

Ledger's Furniture Store has 10 salespeople. Ledger's wants to produce a combined monthly sales report for all salespeople. Ledger's wants you to write a program that will allow them to enter data in any order, save the unsorted data to a file, and then produce a file in alphabetical order by name of the salespeople. The unsorted output file should be

named "sales_unsorted.txt" and the sorted file should be named "sales_sorted.txt".

Your unsorted file output should include:

A list of the salespeople’s names and the monthly sales for each of them.

Your sorted file output should include:

 A list of the salespeople’s name and the monthly sales for each of them.

 At the bottom of the report, list the following: 

o The total combined sales for all salespeople.

o The average sales for all salespeople.

o The salesperson with the lowest sales for the month.

o The salesperson with the highest sales for the month.

You must submit the unsorted and sorted files with your RAPTOR program to show that your program ran correctly.

Here is your sample test data to use with your program. This is to be typed in as user input.

Salesperson        Monthly Sales

Joan  $ 1525

Bob $ 1935

Lisa  $ 2550

Tina  $ 1745

Corey  $ 3025

Chummily  $ 1420

Rick  $ 4560

Nancy    $ 2645

Holly $ 1489

Frank  $ 4450



Do not worry about the formatting of your output files since RAPTOR does not support formatting controls.


The unsorted file should look similar to this:     The sorted file should look similar to this:

Joan     Sales: $ 1525      Bob     Sales: $ 1935

Bob     Sales: $ 1935      Chummily Sales: $ 1420

Lisa     Sales: $ 2550      Corey     Sales: $ 3025

Tina     Sales: $ 1745      Frank     Sales: $ 4450

Corey     Sales: $ 3025      Holly     Sales: $ 1489

Chummily Sales: $ 1420      Joan     Sales: $ 1525

Rick     Sales: $ 4560      Lisa     Sales: $ 2550

Nancy     Sales: $ 2645      Nancy     Sales: $ 2645

Holly     Sales: $ 1489      Rick     Sales: $ 4560

Frank     Sales: $ 4450      Tina     Sales: $ 1745



Other Requirements:


Total Sales: $ XXXXX

Average Sales: $ XXXX

Salesperson with Lowest Sales: name

Salesperson with Highest Sales: name

 Documentation: Use the "Comments" feature to document each symbol in the flowchart. You do this by rightclicking The symbol and selecting "Comment."

Be sure to identify the data type of each variable used in your comments.

Be sure to explain what each formula and function does.

Be sure to explain what each of the other symbols in the flowchart does in a comment.


 Test and debug your Program: Use the sample input data, run the program, then check your answers with a calculator or Excel. If something did not match up, then fix your program.

 Program must execute and produce correct output.

 Read this page again to be sure you covered all requirements.

 See the Programming Project Rubric for grading principles.

 Extra Credit: Use Object-Oriented Programming Techniques learned in chapter 11.


Submission Instructions:


 MS Word, RAPTOR file, DFD


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